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Amateur movie reviews steeped in nonsense.

Bear with us as we are still finalizing our appearance.

We are a movie review podcast that updates every Thursday who love to gush about our favorites and why they might be problematic or why we dislike a well made or popular film.

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  • Episode 46: Howl’s Moving Castle
    Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Stoke Calcifer and put on the kettle, Lisha and Jules are rounding out a month of animated films with Hayao Miyazaki’s 2004 fantasy adventure film, Howl’s Moving Castle! Listen […]
  • Special Episode 45: Hamilton
    Welcome to a special episode of Screen Tea Podcast! She did it: Jules won spouse of the year and gifted Lisha the chance to cover her favorite on-screen media of all time, 2020’s film […]
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