Episode Nine: Arrival

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Join Lisha and Juliet as they shed a frankly embarrassing amount of tears over the sci-fi masterpiece Arrival (2016) while sippin’ on some new, fancy-ass tea this week! They fall over themselves, Amy Adams (well, Juliet does), Jeremy Renner (well, Lisha does), and the stellar writing, directing and sound editing that made this film an all time favorite in the Screen Tea household.

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Episode Eight: Pandorum

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Join Lisha and Juliet as they laugh/cry/yell their way through their dissection of a…just…it’s not a good movie, guys. It made, like $20. Listen to Juliet’s amusement ratchet up to 11 as Lisha rages about BULLSHIT ENZYMES and WINDOWS ON SHIPS, GODDAMMIT. Also, they talk about Ben Foster, who is a shining star (jellyfish? They’re apparently the same fucking thing) in this at-times-enjoyable mess. Come pull up a pod and settle in for a good old fashioned massacre.

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Episode Seven: Misery

If the old adage is to be believed, then misery loves company. So join Lisha and Juliet as they critique the 1990 film adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery!

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