Episodes 11-13: MCU Characters (Heroes, Companions,and Villains)

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and even more importantly, welcome to MARVEL MOVIE MAY! Join Lisha and Juliet for the first of THREE FUCKING EPISODES as they break down their thoughts and opinions about the characters and actors within the Marvel Cinematic Universe! (They thought they could bang out 80 characters in one episode. Turns out what you’ve suspected all along is true; they are actually perpetually exhausted trash heaps with poor time management skills rather than human beings, so, you get three episodes!) Put on the kettle and listen to them bicker over who was right all along (was it Steve or Tony? Turns out; both and neither!), whether or not Anthony Mackie is the true Captain America, and also…just how did they manage to screw up Clint Barton so badly?

Click on your player of choice below to get started!

Episode 11: Heroes

Episode 12: Sidekicks and Companions

Episode 13: Villains

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