Episode 21: Pariah

*Disclaimer/Trigger Warning: The word ‘queer’ is used frequently in this episode and is used as a term of identification and orientation, both in the context of discussing the film and because both of your podcasters identify as big ole queers. The term ‘dyke’ is used multiple times in this episode in context of the film. The term is used in the film both as a slur and as a term of identification and orientation.

You’re also in a space where Black Lives Matter, so if you don’t share that sentiment, you’re gonna have a bad time (what the fuck are you doing here anyway?). This episode in particular celebrates Black queer artists and the Black queer experience in general.

Join Lisha and Juliet as they review the baby budget/huge impact indie film, 2011’s Pariah! Put on the kettle or pop a piece of Big Red gum and join the gals as they worship the ground that Adepero Oduye walks on, listen to Juliet as she sings praises to Bradford Young and his wicked light sorcery, and get ready for yet another psychological character study thesis from Lisha (c’mon, you know you love it). It’s Pride month, y’all, so get ready also for a Reel Question and discussion about meaningful LGBTQ films and television (of which Lisha and Jules have MANY to discuss…shocker, right?). SO. Strap in (on? Alike, girl, no, Laura, what did you do), grab your drink of choice, and get sippin’!

Click a link below to get started.

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