Episode 29: Tucker and Dale vs Evil

*Hello, dear listeners! Thank you for your patience; we know many of you were excited about this week’s episode, and we appreciate feeling supported as we took a few days off from, well, everything, in order to allow ourselves the time and space to begin processing the loss of the ineffable Chadwick Boseman on August 28, 2020. From the outpouring of love we received during Marvel Movie May, we know that this is a difficult loss for a lot of you as well. We love you all, and we’re all in this together; remember to hold strong (or, as our King T’Challa would say, Yibambe ♥).

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Sit across the table from Lisha and Jules for some nice Earl Grey (but maybe avoid the chamomile!) as they dig into Eli Craig’s 2010 horror-comedy, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Whether you’re studying for college exams (you cute college kid, you), goin’ fishin’, or on a drive to your vacation home, you’re sure to enjoy the sound of Lisha SHOUTING into the abyss for over an hour about just how much she cannot tolerate the sight of Chad’s face, the joyous racket of Juliet’s glee over just how much pain she caused Lisha with this week’s watch, or perhaps you’ll take pleasure in listening to both of them simply melt over Alan Tudyk (and Dale!). You’ll never know which part you’ll like best unless you grab yourself a brew or a mug, settle in, and start a-trudgin’ through the woods with your Screen Tea Podcasters!

Sources for information gathered for this episode were: http://www.imdb.com, http://www.wikipedia.org,  http://www.rottentomatoes.com, http://www.metacritic.com, https://halloweenyearround.wordpress.com/2020/01/22/10-fun-facts-about-tucker-dale-vs-evil/ and https://screenrant.com/every-horror-movie-reference-in-tucker-and-dale-vs-evil/

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Happy listening!

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Our incredible intro music was composed by Detroit musician Sasha Kashperko!)

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