Episode 18: Mystic River

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Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Join Lisha and Juliet as they traverse through Trauma Street, located this time around in good ‘ole South Boston, aka Lisha’s favorite film backdrop! From basically agreeing that this ensemble of actors did everything right (if you don’t agree that Laurence Fishburne makes every movie better, who even are you?), wondering what the fuck was up with Sean’s character in general, and deciding that Love Actually is essentially a sidequest to this joyful little flick (thanks Laura Linney), pull out your lager and get to sippin’ with the ladies for this week’s episode!

Sources for information gathered for this episode were: www.imdb.comwww.wikipedia.org,  www.rottentomatoes.com, and www.metacritic.com
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Episode 16: Avengers & Avengers: Age of Ultron

Join Lisha and Juliet as they delve into their reviews of The Avengers (2012) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) in a special Monday episode of Screen Tea Podcast! Back to something akin to their typical review format, lend the ladies your ears as Lisha DOESN’T CRY about Phil Coulson (she really doesn’t, though, even though she does lament a fuckton over JARVIS), Jules gets heated over unnecessary NatBruce feelings, and they both share a borderline unhealthy amount of adoration over production design and tech in the earlier Avengers films (although, perhaps not as unhealthy as Nick Fury’s bond with the helicarrier…)

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Episode 14: Heavy Hitters

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and even more importantly, welcome to MARVEL MOVIE MAY! Join Lisha and Juliet as they cover the MCU heavy hitters: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Spidey! Eleven film in ninety minutes, who the hell knew these two could be so succinct? Pop some corn, pull up a chair and listen in as Lisha (not so silently) judges Juliet for being HYPERCRITICAL of the Iron Man films, as Juliet waxes poetic about Ragnarok, and also as the two of them randomly become tearful over Bruce Banner who isn’t even a main focus this week? Also, there are surprise fruit snacks, so, you know.

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Episodes 11-13: MCU Characters (Heroes, Companions,and Villains)

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and even more importantly, welcome to MARVEL MOVIE MAY! Join Lisha and Juliet for the first of THREE FUCKING EPISODES as they break down their thoughts and opinions about the characters and actors within the Marvel Cinematic Universe! (They thought they could bang out 80 characters in one episode. Turns out what you’ve suspected all along is true; they are actually perpetually exhausted trash heaps with poor time management skills rather than human beings, so, you get three episodes!) Put on the kettle and listen to them bicker over who was right all along (was it Steve or Tony? Turns out; both and neither!), whether or not Anthony Mackie is the true Captain America, and also…just how did they manage to screw up Clint Barton so badly?

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Episode 11: Heroes

Episode 12: Sidekicks and Companions

Episode 13: Villains

Episode Ten: The Lighthouse

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Join Lisha and Juliet as they fight through massive bouts of giggles, question reality and worship the ground Pattinson and Dafoe walk on in this week’s episode covering the 2019 film The Lighthouse. From gushing over glorious cinematography to questioning the merits of mermaid sex, they go a bit mad this week over Eggers’ sophomore major motion picture release. So grab a barrel o’ rum, pull up a chair and join ’em fer a lively conversation about a film involvin’ a lot o’ birds, drunken homoeroticism and…a disgusting fucking cistern. 

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Episode Nine: Arrival

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Join Lisha and Juliet as they shed a frankly embarrassing amount of tears over the sci-fi masterpiece Arrival (2016) while sippin’ on some new, fancy-ass tea this week! They fall over themselves, Amy Adams (well, Juliet does), Jeremy Renner (well, Lisha does), and the stellar writing, directing and sound editing that made this film an all time favorite in the Screen Tea household.

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Episode Eight: Pandorum

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Join Lisha and Juliet as they laugh/cry/yell their way through their dissection of a…just…it’s not a good movie, guys. It made, like $20. Listen to Juliet’s amusement ratchet up to 11 as Lisha rages about BULLSHIT ENZYMES and WINDOWS ON SHIPS, GODDAMMIT. Also, they talk about Ben Foster, who is a shining star (jellyfish? They’re apparently the same fucking thing) in this at-times-enjoyable mess. Come pull up a pod and settle in for a good old fashioned massacre.

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Episode Seven: Misery

If the old adage is to be believed, then misery loves company. So join Lisha and Juliet as they critique the 1990 film adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery!

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