Episode 25: Knives Out

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Can you believe Lisha and Jules have made it to episode 25? They can’t; it’s a mystery! Join them as they dissect an even greater mystery, of the murder persuasion; This week, they’re covering Rian Johnson’s 2019 star-studded whodunit, Knives Out! Brew up a nice cuppa or light up a hefty cigar and lend your ears to Jules get geeked about backstory and detail, Lisha try to stumble her way (via improv!) through approximately seventy five thousand characters, and just so much gushing over that damn house… and the wardrobe… and the writing… and the cinemato- you know what, you get it. Just get settled in for a good ‘ole red-string episode, folks!

Sources for information gathered for this episode were: www.imdb.comwww.wikipedia.org,  www.rottentomatoes.comwww.metacritic.com, and https://www.ksat.com/entertainment/2020/02/07/daniel-craig-discovers-another-thrombey-family-secret-in-this-knives-out-deleted-scene-exclusive/.
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