Episode 22: Just Like Heaven

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Snuggle into your own lil cloud and tune in as Lisha and Jules change the pace, because this week they’re reviewing a…romcom? And LISHA chose it?! What fuckery is this. Anywhoo, join the gals as they cover 2005’s Just Like Heaven, which of course includes Lisha crooning over Mark Ruffalo (but for legitimate reasons, she promises!), Juliet ripping apart every possible logical fallacy, and both of these idiots being baffled over how bad even decent romcom dialogue can be (you did your best, but you’re still a cheesy movie, movie). Grab a beer (David!), find a comfy couch (preferably a red, squishy one), and get cozy for one trash fire of an episode!

Sources for information gathered for this episode were: www.imdb.comwww.wikipedia.org,  www.rottentomatoes.com, and www.metacritic.com.
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